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As a firm that specializes in marketing and web strategy, our services have a focus on actively using the web. Whether you are looking to launch a website or are trying to connect with your customers, we can create a valuable online platform that will help you grow your business.

Web Strategy

Without a strategy, all efforts end in shambles. We can help you build a home base to centralize your web presence and develop content that will engage your audience.

Key components of your web strategy may likely include blogging, microblogging, building or joining online communities, soliciting users reviews and participating in social networking.


    If you already have the components of a good web strategy in place but are looking for new ways to drive traffic and interactions, that’s where a Dosovo campaign or full-fledged marketing plan can be of service.


    Is there something else on your mind that you don’t see listed here? Chances are we can help you out. Send us a note and we can work something out.